Trông giăng.

On a rainy day.

Hanoikids was a big part of my life.
Aww, those happy times…
I was sort of forced into doing this project to be honest. At first I thought “History of a club? Boring!”.
Turns out you can always have fun, especially with words.
Since I thought the writing part would be hard I asked to do the illustration, too. Can’t believe they actually use my illustrations lolz
View full project here

Le Cong Kieu Street.

“Write a review for a movie you love, within 100 words.”
Convinced by my review or not, just give this movie a try. It will totally be worth it!

All I want this Xmas is you…

An ad for Revive. It’s actually just one in a series of print-ads.
The ECD quite liked the idea. I did not get that job though still so sad

I can't get over Age of Ultron yet... These days all I think of are superheroes >"<
And this scene is kinda an inside joke that only people who've seen the movie get (which is probably everyone).
Well, Thor seems to know about the Earth more than we think he does.

So I've been working out lately... but that has nothing to do with this idea.

"What is an open-minded person?" - asked one of my friends.

Beauty is so not overrated.

Just a love story...

Is it bad you think of someone so many times a day you have to draw him to release the tension?

A little rainbow grows on my floor every sunny afternoon .
A little play is never a bad idea.
The only problem is that the Sun moves so quickly. Every time I finish drawing, the rainbow shifts a little so my drawings don't fit in like I expected.
Still helluva fun.

Sunflower seeds could grow some art.